United by DNB

For the last year or so I’ve been working on a concept for a documentary on the drum and bass music scene in Europe. The idea has been in my head for a while, as a lot shows the past so I just like to show you the now and “future”. I wanted to tell a story about something I really love, and feel the need to share this love with others. But also I wanted to find out more about this music culture and be involved in my own way as everyone contributes to a scene in there own way.

To help me finance this project I’ve worked a call center job and I might reach out to the public later by starting a kickstarter project, to enable me to do even more. But I want to deliver something first.

This project will also be the biggest challenge I ever faced as an artist. As I will have to take on multiple roles and still deliver good work on all fronts. But I know I can do this.. And the passion I have for this music enables me to do even better, as I want it to be at its best.

My journey will start on 30 july, where I’ll be going to Prague, Czech Republic. I’m gonna be filming and interviewing at Let it Roll festival, Storm Club, other clubs, and I’ll be interviewing artists and local drum and bass heads. Thanks to Let it Roll for this opportunity.

One of the other destinations I’m really excited about is Outlook festival in Pula, Croatia. This festival takes places from 03 till 07 september. This is another must-visit festival for the dnb head. The great thing about this festival is the great dnb line up that is present, but also other genres where drum and bass emerged from. I want to thank Outlook festival for giving me this opportunity.

After my visit to Outlook festival I’ll be travelling down to Bucharest, Romania. Where I’ll be visiting the great folks of arena dnb and they will tell an inspiring story about their party concept. And I’ll be covering a Hospitality night hosted by Arena dnb at their beautiful location.

I will also be visiting an Eatbrain night (thanks to Jade) in Budapest, Hungary later this year. There’s more exciting to come.. And I can’t wait! I hope you’re just as excited as me and I want to thank everybody for their support so far. I haven’t regret starting this project for even one second.